(unless otherwise amended/ratified)
1. Rules committee shall consist of tournament chairman,club president and vice-president (or necessary substitute).

2. All complaints and tournament infringements shall be brought to the tournament rules
committee's attention before the weigh-in.

3. The tournament rules committee shall have the final say on all interpretations of the rules. Infringement of any rule is cause for disqualification.

4. All members are to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner.

5. Each man will be responsible to report unsportsman-like conduct.

6. Any late arrivals will report to the tournament chairman or members of the rules committee on the water.

7. Fishing shall be done from boats only.

8. All current Coastguard regulations are to be adhered to.

9. All current Massachusett's Fish and Wildlife regulations are in effect.

10. All state and local regulations are to be adhered too.

11. There shall be no alcoholic beverages during a tournament or at the launch site.

12. Life vests are mandatory only while under gas power. Non-boaters must comply to wants of boat owner.

13. No contestant shall approach within 50 yards of a competing boat unless permission is asked and granted.

14. There shall be one weigh-in at the end of each tournament.

15. No trolling shall be allowed.

16. No live bait shall be allowed.

17. No stringers shall be allowed, only livewells or coolers may be used.

18. Only one rod may be used at one time.

19. All Bass, Largemouth and Smallmouth, shall be 12 inches in length.

20. Fish shall be measured from the tip of the mouth to the tip of the tail along the straightest length achievable with a closed mouth.

21. There will be no courtesty check for short fish. Each fish weighed in under twelve inches will have one pound deducted from the total weight and those fish will be disqualified.

22. There shall be a five fish limit. Culling from five is permitted.

23. Contestants not at weigh-in before 3:30 P.M. will be deducted one pound per minute. After ten minutes contestants will lose all fish caught during the tournament.

24. Tournament hours shall be 7:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M.

25. All entries receive 2 points for each live fish weighed in.

26. There will be a 4 oz. penalty for each dead fish.

27. Places will be decided in pounds and ounces. Ties will be decided by total number of fish. If a tie still exists it will be determined by the largest fish. If a tie still exists, the two places would be averaged together to obtain points.

28. We have added a drop tournament starting in the 2001-2002 season. We fish 6 tournaments, best of 5 will count.
Points are to be based on places:

1st 200 + 10 pts. 19th 110
2nd 195 (bonus) 20th 105
3rd 190 21st 100
4th 185 22nd 95
5th 180 23rd 90
6th 175 24th 85
7th 170 25th 80
8th 165 26th 75
9th 160 27th 70
10th 155 28th 65
11th 150 29th 60
12th 145 30th 55
13th 140 31st 50
14th 135 32nd 45
15th 130 33rd 40
16th 125 34th 35
17th 120 35th 30
18th 115

50 points awarded to members that don't catch any fish, but are present at the weigh-in.